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    Mobile OTP (one-time-password) Guide

    Step 1:

    Log in to your Cherry Exchange account and select Mobile Services > My Mobile.
    Enter your mobile details and click Submit.

    Step 2:

    Enter the Secret Answer which you had given when you signed up for a Cherry Credits account. After you’re done, click Submit.

    Step 3:

    A one-time password will be sent to your mobile number provided. Please check your SMS and enter the given password.

    Note: The one-time password will expire in 3 minutes. You will need to request for a new one-time password after the stipulated time frame.

    Step 4:

    This message will appear upon successful verification.

    Step 5:

    Go to Mobile Services > OTP Settings to activate the One-Time Passwordauthentication.

    Note: Currently, the OTP authentication feature will cover any “Change Password” activities. We will soon be extending the OTP authentication feature to more functions in future to better protect your account.