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Collector's Series

Cherry Credits Physical Scratch Card with exclusive Toon Football Design.

Toon Football

  • 250 Toon Coins Cherry Credits: 3,250CC Buy Now
  • 500 Toon Coins Cherry Credits: 6,500CC Buy Now
  • + 200 Bonus Toon Coins 1,000 Toon Coins Cherry Credits: 13,000CC Buy Now
  • + 500 Bonus Toon Coins 2,000 Toon Coins Cherry Credits: 26,000CC Buy Now


Toon Football is a free-to-play online game, which catapults you into the wacky world of Cartoon Network and right onto the football pitch. Take to the field to challenge family, friends or other teams, play exclusive tournaments, improve your football skills in a bunch of fun mini games or go for the ultimate prize in Toon Football, Toon Cup 2010 glory! Joining and playing is easy, the hard part is choosing which Cartoon Network favourite will play on your team!

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    • Create your own avatar by selecting different hair styles, skin color, eyes, gender, outfits and shoes. Make a mini version of yourself or be someone totally different!
    • Get some practice and level up your avatar by playing three skill-improving mini games. You can play as often as you like because practice makes perfect!
    • You can form your own team or join an existing team. Each team consists of a captain and four team members including one teammate who is a Cartoon Network character. So grab your friends or family or make some new Toon Football friends!
    • Join a tournament and start playing. You can pick which team you would like to challenge or let the system arrange a match for you. And you dont all have to play at once! Each team member can play on their own?at their own timeand everyones points will be combined for the final score.
    • Its time to go shopping! Purchase new items to dress up your avatar or for enhancing your performance during matches!

How To Redeem

    1. Visit Toon Football’s official website and click on 'MY STUFF' at the right menu.
    2. Click on 'BUY COINS'.
    3. Check 'I Agree' to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Click on 'Submit'.
    4. Select 'Cherry Credits' as the preferred payment method.
    5. Select value of Toon Coins you wish to redeem. Click on 'Fill-Up Now' to proceed.
    6. You will be directed automatically to the Cherry Exchange Gateway page. Login with your Cherry Exchange credentials.
    7. Input your 6-digit Security PIN to confirm the purchase.
    8. Return to the merchant's site to receive your Toon Coins.
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