Shikihime Garden
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Collector's Series

Cherry Credits Physical Scratch Card with exclusive Shikihime Garden Design.

Shikihime Garden

  • 500 Power Cherry Credits: 3,900CC Buy Now
  • 1,000 Power Cherry Credits: 7,800CC Buy Now
  • 2,000 Power Cherry Credits: 15,600CC Buy Now
  • 3,000 Power Cherry Credits: 23,400CC Buy Now
  • 5,000 Power Cherry Credits: 39,000CC Buy Now


Shikihime Garden is an original hybrid game of gardening and trading card where players must foster lovely Shikiime (female characters), take care of beautiful gardens and collect a variety of cards through numerous battles. The game combines turn-based card combat and simulation gameplay with exploration and quests. Collect Hime, grow your garden, subjugate monsters, team up with your friends and get ready for the most exciting and pleasant adventure as ever! 




-    Lovely Shikihime staying, playing, eating and… sleeping in the garden for real

-    Abundant of beautiful items to decorate the garden

-    A variety of charming Shikihime and hideous monster cards built with well balance

-    Unique combination modes to craft more powerful and rare cards

-    Extremely difficult boss battles for encouraging team cooperation

-    Multi-level quests suited for all players to get valuable loots and reach new battlefields

How To Redeem

  1. Shikihime Garden-Step 01.png 1. Visit Shikihime Garden's Official Website and click "GAME START"
  2. Shikihime Garden-Step 03.png 2. Login to your Shikihime account and select your server to proceed
  3. Shikihime Garden-Step 03.png 3. Click "Buy Power" in the bottom right menu
  4. Shikihime Garden-Step 04.png 4. Select "Cherry Credits" as your preferred payment option and select the amount of Power you wish to purchase
  5. Shikihime Garden-Step 05.png 5. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  6. Shikihime Garden-Step 06.png 6. Input Security PIN to confirm purchase and it's done!








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