Sexy Three Kingdoms
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Collector's Series

Cherry Credits Physical Scratch Card with exclusive Sexy Three Kingdoms Design.

Sexy Three Kingdoms

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  • 10,185 Gold Cherry Credits: 164,700CC Buy Now


Sexy Three Kingdom is online RPG strategy game filled with the historical background of the Three Kingdoms. Relive the thrilling extraordinary past with the beautiful pictures and detailed character models.

Start your war in Sexy Three Kingdoms now!







Unique generals recruiting system

In-depth storyline with different endings

Mini games with alluring ladies like Cai Yan, Wang Yi, Zhen Ji and Diao Chan

Intense battle against Zhang Jiao, Zhang Lu, Zuo Ci and Cao Cao

How To Redeem


1. Click on “VIP” and select purchase

2. Select Cherry Credits to fill in game information and the number of Golds

3. Log in to your Exchange Account

4. Enter your 6-digit security code

5. Your purchase is complete!

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