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Cherry Gachapon Redemption

How to use my Cherry Gacha Token?

  1. Log in to your Cherry Exchange via
  2. Click “Gachapon” in the left menu
  3. Click “Redeem” and enter your Gacha Token Code
  4. Click on Gachapon machine
  5. Select which Game's Gacha machine to spin
  6. Collect the item you have won!
  7. Retrieve your Item Coupon Code in your Cherry Messenger
  8. Redeem your Item Coupon Code in-game

How to redeem my Item Coupon Code in Dragon Nest SEA / VN?

  1. Enter the Cash Shop and select ‘Enter Coupon’ to key in your redemption code
  2. Your Gift item(s) will appear in your Gift Box. Select ‘Receive Gift’ to place item(s) in your inventory
  3. Exit the Cash Shop and press ‘I’ to open your inventory. Select the ‘CC’ tab and right-click on the gift card to redeem your Gift.

How to redeem my Item Coupon Code in Bloodline SEA?

  1. Tap on the "Menu" Button on your screen to open the menu
  2. Tap on the "Redemption Code" Button to open Redemption Page
  3. Key in the Redemption Code to redeem the rewards!