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Collector's Series

Cherry Credits Physical Scratch Card with exclusive Steam Wallet Codes Design.

Steam Wallet Codes


Steam Wallet Codes work just like a game activation code which can be redeemed on Steam for the purchases of games, software, wallet credit, and any other item you can purchase on Steam. You can make payment Steam Wallet Codes directly from Cherry Exchange and redeem the codes directly on Steam.

Notice: Codes on this page are in USD, and will automatically be converted to your local currency if it falls under any of the following. 








Steam is the direct pipeline to customers from Valve. It began as a little sleeper project—a handy tool to update Counter-Strike—and morphed pretty quickly into the world's largest online gaming platform. Steam guarantees instant access to more than 1,800 game titles and connects its 75 million active users to each other—and to us. Through Steam, fans can easily buy, play, share, modify, and build communities around Valve products as well as titles from other independent game studios. Steam is available in 237 countries and 21 different languages. 


All Codes bought from Cherry Credits are enabled only in the following countries:

Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, Macau.

How To Redeem

  1. Steam-Step 01.png 1. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  2. Steam-Step 02.png 2. Select "Steam Wallet Codes"
  3. Steam-Step 03.png 3. Make sure to check if you are in one of the countries the code can be used in and click "AGREE TO PROCEED"
  4. Steam-Step 04.png 4. Select the value of the Steam Wallet Codes, tick agree to T & C and Privacy Policy, and click "Next" to proceed
  5. Steam-Step 05.png 5. Input your 6-digit Security PIN to confirm the purchase
  6. Steam-Step 06.png 6. Check your receipt at Cherry Messenger by clicking on the redemption message
  7. Steam-Step 07.png 7. Access the message in Cherry Messenger for the e-PIN redeemed
  8. Steam-Step 08.png 8. Remember your ePIN which is displayed as ePIN Serial Number in blue
  9. Steam-Step 09.png 9. Redeem your ePIN for Steam Wallet Codes at the Official Website!
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