Cherry Year End Special 2018

Be a WInner in our
Cherry Year End Event
When You Top Up CC!

Make every top up count this December! From , every 10,000CC top-up in a single transaction grants you a chance in our Cherry Year End Draw with lots of cool prizes to be won!

Cherry Year End Draw Prizes
and more prizes from:
Artix Conquer Elsword Shinnazuki Dragon Project
11th – 15th
5000 Artix Points
(sponsored by Artix Entertainment)
16th Conquer Online 1x Big Permanent Stone
(sponsored by TQ Digital Entertainment)
17th – 21st
1200 K-CHING
(sponsored by KOG Games)
22nd – 24th
Conquer Online 2x Radiant Star Stones
(sponsored by TQ Digital Entertainment)
ShinNaZuki Gift Pack containing 5x Summoning Scroll, 10000 Gold and 10x R3 EXP Potion
(sponsored by Wonder Game)
ShinNaZuki Gift Pack containing 40x Riyas's Soulstone, 2x Ruby and 10x R3 EXP Potion
(sponsored by Wonder Game)
ShinNaZuki Gift Pack containing 40x Ena's Soulstone, 2x Ruby and 10x R3 EXP Potion
(sponsored by Wonder Game)
ShinNaZuki Gift Pack containing Athy's Soulstone, 2x Ruby and 10x R3 EXP Potion
(sponsored by Wonder Game)
ShinNaZuki Gift Pack containing 1x R6 Starstone, 10000 Gold and 1x Summoning Scroll
(sponsored by Wonder Game)
30th – 31st
Conquer Online 2000 CPs (Bound)
(sponsored by TQ Digital Entertainment)
32nd – 35th
Conquer Online 5000 Chipoints Pack
(sponsored by TQ Digital Entertainment)
Dragon Project SS Dark Gauvain Tablet
(sponsored by GoGame)
Dragon Project SS Magi Stellarvis (ATK magi)
(sponsored by GoGame)
Dragon Project SS Magi Gifts For All (recovery magi)
(sponsored by GoGame)
Dragon Project SS Magi Yin and Yang Stance (auto-activate magi)
(sponsored by GoGame)
Dragon Project 2,000,000 Gold
(sponsored by GoGame)

How to check your Cherry Draw Chances

  1. Step 1 Login to Cherry Exchange
  2. Step 2 Under Events, select the Cherry Year End Draw event banner.
  3. Step 3 You can check your total Cherry Draw Chances here.

May 2018 be your luckiest year yet!

Top up now and snag some Cherry Year End Draw chances today!
A big thank you to our generous sponsors
TQ Digital Entertainment Artix KOG Games Wonder Game Go Game
Terms and Conditions
  • The Promotion will start on 01 December 2018 0000HRS till 31 December 2018 2359HRS.
  • Unsuccessful transactions do not qualify for the lucky draw chance.
  • The draw will commence on 4 Jan 2019. Winners will be announced within 3 working days after the draw.
  • Winners will be contacted via Cherry Messenger for claiming and delivery of prizes.
  • All timings stated are in the GMT+8 time zone.
  • Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the transaction date.
  • All decisions made by Cherry Credits are final.
  • Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.