War Pirates
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Collector's Series

Cherry Credits Physical Scratch Card with exclusive War Pirates Design.

War Pirates

  • Starter Pack Cherry Credits: 1,480CC Buy Now
  • Premium Pack Cherry Credits: 148,980CC Buy Now
  • Monthly card Cherry Credits: 14,980CC Buy Now
  • Hyper EXP Pack Cherry Credits: 14,980CC Buy Now
  • Stamina Pack Cherry Credits: 6,980CC Buy Now
  • Advanced Pack Cherry Credits: 44,980CC Buy Now
  • Super Pack Cherry Credits: 98,980CC Buy Now
  • 200 Gems Cherry Credits: 14,800CC Buy Now
  • 600 Gems Cherry Credits: 6,980CC Buy Now
  • 1400 Gems Cherry Credits: 14,980CC Buy Now
  • 5000 Gems Cherry Credits: 44,980CC Buy Now
  • 13000 Gems Cherry Credits: 98,980CC Buy Now
  • 19000 Gems Cherry Credits: 148,000CC Buy Now


Command your heroes against enemy pirates and legendary creatures in the most immersive RPG experience on mobile.

war piratest-screenshot01.png war piratest-screenshot02.png war piratest-screenshot03.png



  • Clash in real-time battle against pirates crews, siege fortresses, and crush legendary sea creatures
  • Control hero skills and cannon-fire against fearsome enemies
  • Test your skill and strategies against other players on the PvP leaderboards


  • Experience heroes with individual and unique personalities
  • Complete story quests to earn new skills for individual pirate crew members
  • Bring the pirate world to life with feature-rich 3D graphics and a high quality soundtrack


  • Recruit over 70 pirates and form best-in-class strategies and tactics against enemy pirates
  • Enhance and support your pirates with swabbies giving you an extra edge on the Seven Seas
  • Upgrade your ship’s weaponry to enhance the effectiveness of your pirates’ attacks

How To Redeem

  1. War Pirates - Step 01.png 1. Select in-app Store
  2. War Pirates - Step 02.png 2. Select bundle you wish to purchase
  3. War Pirates - Step 03.png 3. Tap on "Purchase"
  4. War Pirates - Step 04.png 4. Select Cherry Credits as your preferred payment method
  5. War Pirates - Step 05.png 5. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  6. War Pirates - Step 06.png 6. Input Security PIN to confirm purchase and it's done!
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