Play in MU Online Season 12 Part 1 with CC!

Dear Cherry Users,

We are glad to share that our friends at WEBZEN have announced that the full-3D MMORPG MU Online has released its latest content update MU Season 12 Part 1.

MU Season 12 Part 1 offers players a brand-new map, Nixies Lake, along with new monsters and an even more powerful boss, Nix. A new Holyangel Armor and Darkangel Weapon are also available in the game. MU Online's new server Vanaheim is now live!

With the arrival of the update and new server, the MU Online team is organizing many events such as level-up ranking events, giveaways and special events. A winner will receive 300,000 Ruud and newly updated item. In ‘Conquer the Nixies Lake’ event, players can collect many elemental symbols dropped from an elemental monster in Nixies Lake to exchange them for Symbol Combination to acquire an element box. Full details can be seen on the official website and join the official Facebook community.

Webzen has also released a special video clip celebrating its 8th anniversary, check out their “Happy Birthday Greeting” video HERE.

For more information on new features and events, interested players are invited to check out Webzen’s official website.

-Cherry Team

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