Legend of Sword
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Collector's Series

Cherry Credits Physical Scratch Card with exclusive Legend of Sword Design.

Legend of Sword

  • 70 Gold Cherry Credits: 1,429CC Buy Now
  • 350 Gold Cherry Credits: 7,145CC Buy Now
  • 700 Gold Cherry Credits: 14,290CC Buy Now
  • 1200 Gold Cherry Credits: 21,435CC Buy Now
  • 2400 Gold Cherry Credits: 42,870CC Buy Now
  • 4000 Gold Cherry Credits: 71,450CC Buy Now
  • 8000 Gold Cherry Credits: 142,900CC Buy Now


Legend of Swords, the best Fairy and Action mobile RPG in 2015! With the complex storyline and fabulous weapons, Legend of Swords brings about a brand new fighting experience! In the game, you can enjoy an extremely splendid visual and aural feast with the live speech and customized portrait. Besides, the unique Class Transfer system allows you to choose your favorite class and immerse themselves in various adventures, such as carefree Wild PK and the bloody Legion War. Hero, never miss such a killing banquet!



-Enjoy the special wild PK
-Join the Cross-server battle, a new battlefield for Legion War
-Fight for the Kingdom with your fellows in Clan Siege
-Transfer the Class and experience another way to immortality
-Tie the knot and then challenge Love Instance with your lover
-Equip with fashion, firearm and shiny weapons
-Adventure with your fellows with real-time social contact
-Lead the life with fish farm and Treasure Hunt activity

Except killing and fighting, you can also enjoy the casual and happy lifestyle, such as fish-farming, social contact, Treasure Hunt and Legion Activity. Let’s start an exciting adventure in this Fairyland!

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How To Redeem

  1. Legend of Sword-Step 01.png 1. In Game, click on "Top Up" below under your Character image
  2. Legend of Sword-Step 02.png 2. Select the item of your choice by clicking on it
  3. Legend of Sword-Step 03.png 3. Read the note and click "OK"
  4. Legend of Sword-Step 04.png 4. Select "Other" payment option
  5. Legend of Sword-Step 05.png 5. Select "Cherry Credits"
  6. Legend of Sword-Step 06.png 6. Choose amount of Ingots you would like to purchase
  7. Legend of Sword-Step 07.png 7. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  8. Legend of Sword-Step 08.png 8. Input Security PIN to confirm purchase and it's done!
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