League of Defenders
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Collector's Series

Cherry Credits Physical Scratch Card with exclusive League of Defenders Design.

League of Defenders

  • 6000 Diamonds Cherry Credits: 130,000CC Buy Now
  • 60 Diamonds Cherry Credits: 1,300CC Buy Now
  • 300 Diamonds Cherry Credits: 6,500CC Buy Now
  • 600 Diamonds Cherry Credits: 13,000CC Buy Now
  • 1200 Diamonds Cherry Credits: 26,000CC Buy Now
  • 1800 Diamonds Cherry Credits: 39,000CC Buy Now
  • 3000 Diamonds Cherry Credits: 65,000CC Buy Now


League of Defenders is a 3D Fantasy ARPG with cute cartoon characters. Based on a western fantasy story, it tells about how Defenders protect Bright Mainland against the evil. Developed by the world’s top studio and team, its fancy graphics quality give players a large-scale PC game experience and immerse them into a real battle.
Exquisite game scenes, flexible role movement, accurate scene control, real-time fighting experience! What’s more, you can enjoy various gameplays, such as real-time Top Duel with cross-server players, freely team up in Team Instance and so on.



  • The Cutest 3D Fantasy MMORPG Masterpiece
  • Highest Graphics Quality Adopting Top Technology!
  • Create Your Own Pet Squad in Combination with Thousands of Pets!
  • Come And Fight in Knight War Anytime If You Dare!
  • Free Battles without Limitation Enable Realizing Your Tactics
  • Dress Yourself Up as You Wish


League of Defenders, a 3D cute fantasy MMORPG with highly Degree of Freedom is coming! You can never miss this ARPG Masterpiece of Year 2016!

How To Redeem

  1. League of Defenders-Step 01.png 1. Launch League of Defenders and Press "+" next to the Diamonds at the top of the screen
  2. League of Defenders-Step 02.png 2. Select the item you wish to purchase
  3. League of Defenders-Step 03.png 3. Check your selection details and Press "OK" to proceed
  4. League of Defenders-Step 04.png 4. When asked to select a payment option, choose "Other"
  5. League of Defenders-Step 05.png 5. Select "Cherry Credits" as your preferred payment method
  6. League of Defenders-Step 06.png 6. Select amount you would like to purchase
  7. League of Defenders-Step 07.png 7. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  8. League of Defenders-Step 08.png 8. Input Security PIN to confirm purchase and it's done!
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