Buy Ninja Saga Credits

Game credits and pricing

7,500 Saga Tokens 65,000 CC
Ninja Emblem 26,000 CC
2,200 Saga Tokens 26,000 CC
1,000 Saga Tokens 13,000 CC
600 Saga Tokens 9,100 CC

Please follow below How to Redeem section below to buy Ninja Saga's credits with Cherry Credits.

How to Redeem

  1.  1. Visit Ninja Saga’s Official Website and click on "BUY TOKEN" on the top menu
  2.  2. Select "Cherry Credits" as the preferred payment method
  3.  3. Choose your items for purchase, select "Cherry Credits" and click "BUY"
  4.  4. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  5.  5. Input Security PIN to confirm purchase and it's done!







Becoming a professional ninja is no longer a dream!

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  • Fire, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Water. Choose the element that suit you most!
  • Help the villagers through various missions and earn rewards along the way.
  • Feeling confident? Face-off with your friends or other ninjas in the village real-time.
  • Attend lessons at he the Academy to learn more powerful skills or interesting transformation
  • Increase your damage output by purchasing special gears and weapons;