Epic Duel

Buy Epic Duel Credits

Please follow below How to Redeem section below to buy Epic Duel's credits with Cherry Credits.

How to Redeem

  1.  1. Visit Epic Duel's Official Website and click "Artix Points" under "SHOP" in the top menu
  2.  2. Select "Cherry Credits" and click "Buy Now"
  3.  3. Login to your Artix Account
  4.  4. On the summary page, click "Buy Points"
  5.  5. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  6.  6. Input your 6-digit security PIN and complete the transaction
  7.  7. Start Epic Duel game and log in to your account
  8.  8. Click on the upgrade shop button on the bottom right of the screen
  9.  9. Select "Buy Varium" and purchase your Variums with Artix Points!


Legion and Exile forces battle across the distant world of Delta V to claim dominance. Will you join the Exile and fight for freedom from tyrrany, or will you march with the Legion to restore order though force?

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  • Epic PvP Action!
  • Explore a massive world with 10 distinct regions!
  • Choose from up to 6 classes with unique skill trees!
  • Join the Legion or Exile forces to participate in an ongoing global WAR!
  • Create a Faction of your friend and watch your influence on Delta V grow!
  • Challenge other players for 1v1, 2v2, and 2v1 Juggernaut Battles!
  • Collect and upgrade powerful gear: wrist blades, staff, sidearms, bazookas, and more!
  • Summon robots to cripple and disrupt your opponents!
  • Climb leaderboards to become immortal!
  • Battles hoards of AI-controlled enemies for credits, rare items, and glory!
  • Team up with a friend to take down impossible bosses!
  • Particate in exciting Daily and Event-based missions for great rewards!
  • Regular updates with new content and features!
  • Try your luck at Valestra's Arcade to win incredible prizes!